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Mila Kunis [799]

Per favore, se ne prendete, commentate qua e lasciate un credit nelle vostre userinfo o nello spazio comment delle icone con questa dicitura: icon by: < lj user= "rpg_icons_ita" > o icon by: < lj user="winchesterway" >@IJ (senza spazi tra le < > naturalmente)

Please, if you take, comment here and credit in your userinfo or in the comment space of your icons, with the text: icon by: < lj user= "rpg_icons_ita" > or icon by: < lj user= "winchesterway" >@IJ (withouth spaces between the < > of course ^^)

(And you know what, you're going to have to learn to deal with it, and if you can't, and you're going to have to break up with me because of that, then I can't stop you. But I think it's a real waste because I love you!)

(Miss Big Eyes)